Where is a good destination to go for xmas and new years?

May 22, 2013
Parts Unknown
I was just screwing around with my post about @DobyZhee. If I could be anywhere between Christmas and New Year, it would be at the Ally Pally watching the World Darts Championships since I am a huge fan of the game and have been following it for a few decades now. It's a given I'd not dress up in those clown suits and other costumes they show on the live streams, but I do know I'd definitely be partaking in the pints.

That would be one hell of a week of top notch darts like I've never seen live in my life.
The only time I’ve ever found Wally (Waldo) is at a darts tournament - they make it too easy.


So Called Expert
Jun 10, 2012
I am looking to fuck off for xmas & new years. I want to do something different this year, so been looking at options for a holiday/vacation.

I was initially considering a slavic country in Europe, but now I'm thinking further afield like Kenya or Colombia. Both those countries I have wanted to visit for a long time, but just looking around at maybe some other destinations to consider. Ideally it would be a destination where it's warmer during our winter.

If you had the money and ability to do so, where would you go to spend xmas/new years abroad?
I spent Xmas and new year a few years ago in Nicaragua. Xmas in Leon and NY in Granada. Would highly recommend. Granada for NY was perfect, short sleeves weather even after midnight, easy going street party with plenty of inexpensive beer or whatever else you want. Great mix of locals and travellers etc. Brilliant experience.

Colombia comes highly recommended by everyone I know who has travelled through the region so I’m going next month.
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