Who were your favorite fighters who never really went that far?

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Jun 11, 2013
Carl "The Truth" Williams. Nice boxing ability. Very strong jab. Decent power. and a crappy chin. Correct the latter and he would have been champ for a minute.
Oct 7, 2019
Northern Ireland
Alekseyev - 6'2'' Russian southpaw @ 200lbs. Won the IBF to get beat in his first defence by Hernández. Smashed up by one of my favourite boxers of all time, Lebedev, in 2 during a WBO eliminator.

An Olympian and 2005 World Am Champion. Wasn't "shit", but you expected more.
May 19, 2013
Las Vegas
Gamboa and Bobby Pacquiao.

dude, when Gamboa first hit the states after being free from Cuba, I really thought he was the chosen one.

Bobby Pacquiao was just another filipino guy that I liked even though he wasn’t even good.
Jun 11, 2013
Irving Mitchell and Jackie Beard, I thought would have at least been top 5 contenders. Still good fighters for there time. Also, Kirk Johnson.


R.I.P. Joe Rein
May 24, 2013
Vaguely recall that beating. Not unlike McCullough and Harrison. McCulloughs chin was otherworldly.
Wayne McCullough is the first fighter I mention when discussions of granite chin are in flow. You could not get him off of his feet. Super nice bloke too. Shame he never went further.

I think I just read I put this higher up the page. lol
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