Why did Joshua lose?


The Greatest
May 17, 2013
Ruiz is freakishly fast for a big guy.

Ruiz was a high risk low reward fight, this loss don't affect my view of Joshua
Yeah, just imagine if he could get under 230, he'd look like a Mexican Mike Tyson.

Joshua's stock took a hit for sure. He needs to lay off the weights and get working on his head movement and jab.
May 24, 2013
AJ, in and out of the ring, is not a very intelligent person. He's completely scripted. From his interviews to the boxing ring, he needs to be given complete instructions. Never was this more evident than in the Ruiz fight. "So what do you think he's going to do next?" he was asking Rob McCracken.

It didn't occur to him -- despite being told by his corner -- that Ruiz was waiting for the exchanges to catch him in-between shots. Had he listened to McCracken (stick to jabbing from a distance), he could have survived and made it to the final bell - where he would have got a genrous decision.

But it's not the end for AJ. He'll need to be fixed in the same way Wlad was. Or even the way Khan was briefly (during his successful time with Roach). His biggest problem now is that his bully mentality has been exposed. If fighters are brave and tough enough to exchange with him, he'll be petrified of them. Just like Khan, that's where he's most vulnerable (in exchanges). He'll need to develop a very conservative Wlad-like style where everything is done off the jab and the 3-4 punch combinations are suppressed.
Jun 6, 2013
I think AJ lost to Ruiz the same way Wilder lost to Fury: He was too full of himself, wanted a showcase KO, didn't listen to his corner, and fought the absolute dumbest fight he possibly could have. (Granted, Wilder's approach to Fury was even worse.)

I doubt that will happen again. So, nothing really to "fix." Lesson learned, I'm sure.
- though AJ should continue to work on his mobility and defensive head movement, which HAVE been improving in his last few fights.
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May 17, 2013
Dont buy into ruiz losing weight to be a better fighter. Yeah he would be fitter, but may make him a lesser actual fighter. He likes i guess fighting at that weight, so why change now ?
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