Whyte points the finger at Hearn. What about me?

Jun 28, 2013
Does anybody think Whyte has a chance? He looked mediocre in his recent performances against a past it Wach, and Rivas. He was wobbled by Parker and almost got knocked out in the 12th. I don't see where Whyte gets this overconfidence from. He would probably lose to Ortiz.
Jun 6, 2012
Don’t feel sorry for Whyte. He turned down eliminators against Pulev & Ortiz, he rejected a voluntary shot at AJ & all his belts, wore non approved gloves against Rivas, failed a drug test and was still allowed to fight, never got his b-sample tested, & never disclosed publicly how those PEDs entered his system.

How is Whyte a victim here?

Truth be told, Whyte has swerved the tougher fights in favour of easier PPV paydays (& that’s absolutely fine) but don’t cry wolf over it.

Whyte legit said “Hearn has got to do what’s morally right for a change & get me my shot” ... Is Whyte fucking for real? Hearn literally let Whyte headline a PPV even though he failed a dope test and he’s talking about morals.

I was a proper Dillian fanboy back in the day but he’s become very self entitled & dislikable in recent times
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Jan 28, 2013
Serious, make Fury the franchise champ and let Whyte and Wilder fight for the normal belt.

I reckon all 3 take that.
As per sulaiman,franchise champion is reserved for special multi weight champs. This should rule out any heavyweights