Jul 29, 2012
Great finish to that first half.
I just knew he was gonna miss that field goal after his previous missed kick. He kicked the fucking shit out of it though. That was an awesome ending to the half.

How would you rate the product so far?

I'd have it...about half as good as a really good NFL game. That's very high praise on my part

They're fully funded for 2 seasons, so I think there's some potential here.

Jul 29, 2012
Cardale Jones looks better than the goof Kyle Shanahan trots out at QB
He looks great, and I think I've got my team. I've been making fun of this since it was announced, but Vince has brought me another good product.

Silver was straight ass the second half. Jones got better and better and found that rhythm.

That was an entertaining game. Good deal. Watch the next one be absolutely horrible and I reverse my stance.
Jul 29, 2012
Houston with the deep ball on the second play of the game. Looking forward to ESPNs take on all of this tomorrow. They've bought in a bit as they're broadcast partners so I'm curious.


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Jul 29, 2012
I've only seen a few clips so far but it looks like a fun product and it definitely seems viable to have a second professional league in America, so hopefully it does work out. It's impressive I think.
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May 16, 2013

Son of a bitch
The subject of hands down one of the greatest quotes ever delivered to an arena full of people plus an audience of millions on live TV:

Jan 13, 2020
P.J.Walker won't be in the XFL very long.

Speaking of the NFL, they do need o shut up about it, concentrate on....XFL XFL XFL.

I doubt Vince was thinking ...NFL farm system. Ah.......true but why talk about it?
Jun 10, 2013
May I ask what XFL is?
The "X-treme" Football League.

It's a new* independent football league.

*Although new, it's also a revival of a league that was attempted in the early 2000s and failed miserably. Hopefully, this one will fare much better (so far, it seems to be off to a much more promising start).
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Jun 10, 2013
I actually enjoyed the new league that was attempted last year (The Alliance), but nobody went all in to make it a success - the TV networks relegated it to their more obscure satellite channels (tanking the ratings as a result), the NFL scoffed at supporting it as a sort of "minor league," and its biggest investor backed out once that happened, putting the final nail in its coffin. After a promising start, it didn't even finish out a single season.
Jun 10, 2013
So I've finally decided which team I'm pulling for. Until we get a Bay Area team, I'm rooting for the Roughnecks.
Go Houston....
Houston's QB looked damn good IMO. He's got a Wilson/Murray-esque "mobile midget" vibe. :lol:

The one on the other winning team today looked pretty decent as well.

We'll get 2 more games today:

-One on FOX at 2 PM EST (this one will be at MetLife Stadium... I give the local team a good shot at becoming NYC's second-best football team :lol: ).

-The other on ESPN at 5 PM EST.