May 18, 2016
I currently own a libertview/skybox which I've had for three years but is becoming outdated I've been looking into getting a new set up and noticed these but don't know alot about them!
1. Do they work the same as the skybox/openboxes with a Cline through Ethernet?
2.are they streaming like kodi which I'm not fussed on tbh?
3.Can anyone suggest any alternatives
Any information would be great if anyone has one of these or knows a bit about then as I'm a bit of a noob I bought my box plug and play so I'm not too clued up
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Jun 6, 2012
Not long had one of these myself, got the new H5.2S off the Zgemma website and set it up myself. Took a while and some help off the guys on the techkings forum but all in all took me about an hour to set up and I'm not good with things like this, if I can do it anyone can

To answer your questions yes it runs through a cline or an nline.

Its defo not a stream like kodi.

I paid £15 for a years sky sub after being recommended a decent supplier, had no glitches at all so far. Running perect.

Runs on whooshbuild with a sky skin. The H5.2S does the sky plus stuff plus the live rewind ect like sky
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