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The "fight" stats! This is looking promising! ? #LoganPaul

Who ya'll got?
Hey guys, we worked hard on this tribute for Muhammed Ali, let us know if you enjoyed it.

Hey guys, this is honestly my favourite forum & I don't want to get banned. I haven't done anything wrong and I am actually a real boxing fan.

I will post more constructive stuff here. Thanks for the feedback.
Listen you bigmouth between april 18 and may 1 i am in cape verdy islands.
Buy a ticket and fight me.
If you beat me i pay you’re ticket..
You have such a big mouth but you worth nothing go back to you’re depression state of mind or be a man and face me
Why Andy Ruiz EXPOSES & DESTROYS Anthony Joshua AGAIN!!
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How did that work out for you?
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hey bro, leave me alone!