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Hi mate,
Thought it would be easier to post privately. Yeah all good my end. Finally getting my US move - relocating to NYC August 1st can’t wait. What are you doing over there?
haha for sure, thats awesome bro. - I own a gym business brother and I run a consulting/marketing business for other owners! NYC is awesome!!!
Yeah looking forward to it mate been a long time coming! Sounds like everything is ticking over for you, I’m pleased. That Ben thread as me on stitches!
Hi. Is Chantelle ok? Tell her I’m here if there’s anything I can do to help. She didn’t answer the message I sent to her.
Why is there anyone out there really love boxing love to see the Dylan wife fight the other night but had no one go with all boxing mates not about more if anyone's up for the next big for let me know
My names Aaron Richardson, i used to write for The Boxing Asylum and Boxing News 24, i currently have two articles pending approval from Boxing Monthly
I'm interested in writing for you, or being on the staff list

would that be possible