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    I thought this looked really realistic if I'm honest..why has there not been any new boxing games? It's been a decade now...
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    Hey guys, We're a boxing podcast, we've been running for almost a year. We recently interviewed Lennox Lewis in Las Vegas a day after the Wilder vs Ortiz 2 fight. Talking points: The VITALI KLITSCHKO fight and backlash The relationship with ANTHONY JOSHUA - Jealous? AJ's cultural identity...
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    I broke it down, and it's quite clear as day why but... Who should Joshua & Ruiz fight next?
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    It seems to me that Billy Joe Saunders is a massive Fury Fan boy. In this video he makes the ridiculous suggestion that AJ would have to beat Ruiz AND Whyte AND Wilder to earn a Fury match? Surely even the most hardcore Fury Lovers think that is extreme? If AJ wins he has the 3 belts back so to...
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    I strongly believe it's in Joshua's best interest to sit out for at least six months to a year. Have the young man sit out. Let the HW title picture play out. He's an Olympic Gold Medalist and had 23 fights in six years. He's been rocked in fights before this and for me it wasn't a matter of if...
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    The British Champion, Anthony Joshua who is up against the IBF Champion, Charles Martin on April 9 at the O2 Arena..... Read More
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    A follow up to the recent episode 'Joshua vs Whyte: The Gloves Are Off' shown on Sky Sports.
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    Frank Bruno - 6'3 247lb 83 inch reach - 40 wins w/ 38 KO's. First 21 fights won all by KO vs Anthony Joshua - 6'6 249 lb 82 inch reach - 14 wins w/ 14 KO's
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    I do think Hearn will end up getting Audley in allowing Joshua a decent pay cheque with the gold medal link between them in 2015. An ideal scenario would be Audley winning another small tournament like the super 8 in New Zealand, which IMO he could very well win if they did another heavyweight...
1-15 of 15 Results