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    Brought to you by popular demand. Future P4P #1 , first ballot Hall of Famer, and top 100 ATG - Felix "El Diamante" Verdejo
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    Just something fun to pass some time. Which up-and-coming fighters do think think will not just make it to the top of the sport, but earn a place in the Hall of Fame and the ATG lists? Pick the 5 fighters you'd bet on if you had to. Prospects only, or guys that haven't yet challenged for a...
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    Simple question with a poll. I'd like to hear why as well. What have you got guys?
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    Like the title says. Who do you think will be the PPV stars and P4P greats in 5 years? My picks: PPV stars Saul Alvarez - I very much doubt Canelo will still be undefeated in 2018, in fact I'm picking Floyd by decision. But he'll still only be 28. Huge name already, exciting fighter, hollywood...
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    Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Harry Greb Who wins the Battle of The Titans?
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    OK Guys. How do you see this explosive Featherweight matchup going? 2 ATGs with great power and skill. Could be brutal. 15 Rounds. EDIT - My pick is Saddler inside the distance. Alexis was probably at his best at 130/135, not sure he could cope with Sandy.
1-6 of 6 Results