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    I do think Hearn will end up getting Audley in allowing Joshua a decent pay cheque with the gold medal link between them in 2015. An ideal scenario would be Audley winning another small tournament like the super 8 in New Zealand, which IMO he could very well win if they did another heavyweight...
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    Steve Cunningham in the US is a perfect fight for both men IMO. In a Eddie special final eliminator to face the winner of Fury vs. Haye! Harrison vs. Haye II. You know you want it..... :happy All jokes aside, Audley has been rather quiet since announcing his comeback after a grand total 20...
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    All of the action that happened in this fight, all of the controversial topics, all of the subtle technical strategies, all of the nuanced fury, and what it told us about the fighters and their roles in this very hot division in a mere 19 minutes! MUST SEE!
1-3 of 3 Results