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    "Light heavyweight contender Artur Beterbiev is having more trouble trying to secure a future opponent for his expected IBF world title eliminator in February or March. Mikhalkin (18-1, 9 KOs), who is ranked at number seven by IBF, was viewed as the next opponent for Beterbiev for the...
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    Marquez vs Pacquiao 1 Marquez vs Pacquiao 2 Barrera vs Morales 1 Barrera vs Morales 2 Barrera vs Morales 3 Pacquiao vs Morales 1 Pacquiao vs Morales 2 Barrera vs Marquez
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    UPDATE: -- Sources have advised that an agreement is being finalized for former super middleweight champion Andre Ward (28-0, 15KOs) to face...
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    (Freshly ripped from ESB, I'll do a CHB exclusive when I get back from holiday) Round 1: Barrera 10-9 Morales Round 2: Barrera 10-9 Morales Round 3: Barrera 10-9 Morales Round 4: Barrera 9-10 Morales Round 5: Barrera 9-10 Morales Round 6: Barrera 9-10 Morales Round 7: Barrera 9-10 Morales Round...
1-4 of 4 Results