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    I just watched Waldo's disgraceful Povetkin fight after thoroughly enjoying both Stiverne-Arreola fights. SAD SAD SAD, awful hugging, you could not pay me to watch that again. That said, Wlad is effective as hell, I truly wonder if any current HW's have the ability to beat him at this point. Who...
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    Almost a year since the Diaz fight - all the $$ fighters tied up & I'm sure he would prefer to stay away from guys like Thurman. IMO he should've done everything to make the Alexander fight a while back, or at least gotten some ring time in. Poor planning on his part, another waste.
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    and if so, how do you think these matchups playout? Cotto vs Bradley Cotto vs JMM Cotto vs Dani (assuming Dani comes up, I think he's got the height for it) Cotto vs Guerrero Cotto vs Alexander Cotto vs Maidana Cotto vs Broner Cotto vs Thurman Some of these would be pretty interesting wouldn't...
1-3 of 3 Results