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    2016 CHB Athleticism rankings (Data is calculated on based on Speed, Vertical, Strength, Stamina, and Physical dimensions. Each category is given from a score of 1-10. For instance if you are given a 1 in speed you can barely out run a 70 year old with spinal dysplasia, where as a 10 would...
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    it's the first time i have seen this.. what's the reason for babies advancing earlier & faster..? i don't know much about genes or human advancement if someone can brake it down.
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    This is all hyptohietical or hpyothesis - but one has to wonder, after the vents of last satur last night, say that provoloinkov goes up to 147 - tons of fights 2 b made there - DAni, Broner, Brad Zab, Thurrman, Pac - but timing wise - would it not be interestin 2 see Mayweather choose...
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    Some of you may not think he was ever prime at 147 but whatever, you know what I mean. Break down the style then pick one fighter from history who best fits the mold.
1-4 of 4 Results