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    Thoughts on the new eSports Boxing Club new boxing game? (set for 2020 release!)
  2. Boxing Forum
    What do YOU think of this new boxing game that is confirmed to come out later this year?
  3. Boxing Forum
    A lot of people have been mentioning it, including Eddie Hearns, Claressa Defence, etc. but do the people of the Check Hook Boxing forums believe so?
  4. Boxing Forum
    I know a lot of people here are OG's and appreciate a good boxing game, so I compiled a lot of them from history and made this video. Which boxing game was your favourite?
  5. Boxing Forum
    Will it come out this year? Hearn & Wilder seem to think so.
  6. Boxing Forum
    Hi CheckHookBoxing, We recently launched a boxing prediction game/website called The general idea is that you predict fights, track your progress (from 'keyboard warrior' to 'hall-of-fame') and compete against other users for points, badges and other statistics. It's in...
1-7 of 8 Results