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    Check out Hughie Fury, The cousin of Tyson Fury in his very first interview before having his first fight on BaylorIC TV. Check it out.
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    Diced up 2 P4P'ers by 23 fights. Climbed weights and still owned. Fought everyone. No vacations necessary. Offered Winky a fight and Wright said no. Mayorga said you'd never hurt me and Oscar said yes. They said Trinidad was a better boxer and Oscar made him look like Mayorga. :ibutt:ibutt
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    Actual link, if all the embedding from both sites fails (I'm shite at non-youtube video embeds here): Test: Test: Test: Edit: Yes, none of those are working, it looks...
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    Probs off topic, maybe should have posted in the Lounge but I just thought it was an interesting article:
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    :lol: That can not end well! Doubt he'll bring many anyway.
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    Every time I see an update from Boxing News etc. I know it'll be a goldmine of turd in the comments section. A turdmine. Here's a nice one I saw earlier: So Ward cherry picked Froch and Kessler, the 2nd and 3rd best fighters in the division respectively after himself... Garcia cherry picked...
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    Is there anything in the works at the moment? I heard there were talks about Dawson before he beat Bolonti. Not sure how likely that is but to be fair, Hearn is pretty good at that stuff. What I'm desperate to see is Cleverley to rematch him. Doubt that happens with the whole...
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    Eddie Hearn ‏@EddieHearn "@hitman157: @TonyBellew @EddieHearn bellew v Dawson #justputingitoutthere" on it :hmm Though Dawson's set to fight Pascal in March. Think this is a possibility for next Summer maybe?
  9. Boxing Forum I like how he talks about people having vested interests....yeah, Frank, it's clear you're completely impartial on this matter...
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    Some of you may not think he was ever prime at 147 but whatever, you know what I mean. Break down the style then pick one fighter from history who best fits the mold.
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    I the past year we've lost 2 of the greatest trainers of all time in Dundee and Steward. Are there any trainers operating at the moment that you think could one day be mentioned in the same breath as these guys? Who are the future legends? Are there any trainers operating now that you think...
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    Ali-Frazier? Gatti-Ward? Fury-Price? Could be anything, what's your favourite and why?
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    It's official now: HBO has officially announced that Adrien Broner (24-0, 20KOs) will challenge WBC lightweight champion Antonio DeMarco (28-2-1, 21KOs) on November 17th. The championship match is going to take place at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Broner makes the full leap to the...
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    He's back in the tournament if anyones interested
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    To many of us hardcore fans, broadcasted tale-of-the-tapes have become very useful when they include one particular and significant measurement that we don't get on boxrec or with any consistency on any other resource I'm aware of- Fight-night weigh-ins. I've seen many a forum discussion where...
81-97 of 98 Results