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    Former world heavyweight champion Lucas Browne returns to action on June 2 at Club Punchbowl in Sydney, New South Wales Vs Matthew Greer. "I'm back, I'm pissed off and I'm bashing everyone. I'm ready to take back what's mine!" - WBN.
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    Posted on both his twitter on FB feeds... Sick of all the behind the scenes bullshit in boxing.. I want to fight and don't care who, I want to get paid and live my life. Is that hard I need a good contracts lawyer to get me out of this bullshit I'm stuck in... Any suggestions??? I've said...
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    Was looking like he'd finally get his fight with Towers in the UK, however Towers has now signed to defend his EU title in France, he's also going to be a sparring partner for Haye. So what next for Lucas? Needs to get over to the UK/Europe in his next fight.
1-3 of 3 Results