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    Canelo will face WBA Regular Champ Rocky Fielding at 168lb on 15th December Will it be on DAZN? Canelo is a PPV Fighter though..... If It's on DAZN, Hearn will be paying Canelo huge amounts so will need to recoup that somehow.....Sky PPV in the UK? Lots of questions...
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    Well, seemed like GGG gave a good pounding to the youngster only to lose a scandalous decision.
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    The team is back together! Check out the video. P4P Boxing Canelo Alvarez vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr on 5/6/2017 - YouTube
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    Sorted. Should be no real barriers to making this fight now right? Let's get it on!!
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    WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman said in his recent interview to ESPN that Amir or Alvarez have to face GGG after their match on May 7. Otherwise Canelo strip will happen from the WBC middleweight title. What your views? Is this gonna happen??
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    I see there's already a lot of disagreement over the scoring, and even the winner, of last night's fight, so moving on from that; how do you see Alvarez-Golovkin playing out, taking their most recent performances into account? Do you think Canelo will stick to his diva guns and continue Cotto's...
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    I've never really heard much noise about the demand for a rematch but Lara is apparently looking to move up so if Canelo wins, which will make him the lineal and WBC MW champ, would a Canelo vs. Lara rematch be something you'd be interested in seeing given how split the opinions were about the...
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    With Cotto vs. Canelo presenting us with the next chapter in boxing's richest rivalry, boxing-promo-extraordinaire (Hancho) has put together a list of the top 10 Mexico vs. Puerto Rico fights. If you've got a spare half an hour then here's the whole video: Top 10 Best Mexico Vs Puerto Rico...
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    Surely if they miss out on either of these its time for Franky to give up the ghost.
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    Hey guys I was ringside for Canelo-Lara and did some video coverage, plus some analysis of why I feel Canelo did enough to deserve the win. Check it out and give me your feedback. I just started with the videos a couple months ago and I'm learning with each one, but of course I still need...
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    There are potential promotional problems here aren't there? (not quite sure of GBPs relationship with SMS) but could Canelo do to Kirkland what he did to Angulo? Both Angulo and Kirkland are sluggers who can pressure. Assuming the fight could happen, would it be a repeat of what we saw this...
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    This 6 minute video (just posted) says it all: If I'm team Cotto I'm calling out Sergio Martinez to fight next year on the eve of the Puerto Rican parade in NYC. :bbb
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    Says Cotto gave Floyd a good fight in spots. Says he thought Oscar beat Floyd, but that Castillo fought Mayweather well but didn't win. A little cooky, but I think we can mark it down as him showing gratitude & appreciation for his boss. Saul is such a tank physically. He proved to have been...
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    Ana Julaton, 3 time female boxing world champion took time out of her training to talk with BaylorIC TV and listen to Ana speak frankly and openly like never before!! Its a 3 part video interview.. enjoy!! Ana is scheduled to fight on the undercard of Mayweather Vs Canelo. Click on the links...
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    We have another super fight on our hands in a couple of months. The last one was Oscar vs Floyd - The World Awaits. Who did you have winning the last super fight? Oscar, draw, or Floyd? Post scorecards if you still have them! A clear Floyd win in my eyes, and I thought most. This is NOT...
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    Saw this yesterday. Really nice promo. Not playable on mobile devices unfortunately (why do people do that?). Can't wait for this. Going to be the biggest night of boxing for such a long time!
1-18 of 19 Results