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    Andre Ward has gone from the threshold of becoming America's next boxing superstar to being removed from the rankings - if not boxing fan's consciousness - altogether. Meanwhile Carl Froch (the man Ward dominated to win the Super Six) has taken risks, reestablished himself and built his brand...
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    Watch Carl Froch vs. George Groves Live Stream Boxing Event Welcome To Watch Most Exciting Boxing challenging Fighting Match 31 May 2014 Between, Carl Froch vs George Groves Live Streaming online Direct TV on your PC, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Android and laptop.To EnjoY Boxing Fight Carl Froch vs...
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    Unbeaten Light Heavyweight, Good friend and sparring partner to George Groves, Miles Shinkwin Joins BaylorIC TV to talk about his career and Groves Vs Froch. A very interesting listen.
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    Dan Goossen and Goossen Tutor Promotions got some good news today, even if they'd have rather not gotten to this point in the first place. An arbitrator in California ruled in Goossen's favor in a contract dispute with his top star, Andre Ward, who had sought to have the contract voided...
  5. Boxing Forum Thoughts on this potential match up?
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    It seems that no whatever happens, the ring magazine is going to keep Froch out of their top 10, and put Mayweather's next opponent in there.. So tell me, is there a legit reason for not having Froch in there? Are there 10 boxers who is ahead of him currently? He has fought and beat the best, he...
  7. Boxing Forum I like how he talks about people having vested interests....yeah, Frank, it's clear you're completely impartial on this matter...
1-9 of 9 Results