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    + Shit talking agression + Display of chin generalship + Lack of effective defence (defence is for pussies) + Cleanly landed punches (on own chin) + Walking forward in straight lines grinning like a coked up Margarito Robert Guerrero is the undefeated 38-0 P4P#2 on this criteria. Ruben is #1 .
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    Floyd Mayweather Jr. says the three most important attributes which make up an elite level fighter are: Brain, Chin, and Heart. In your eyes as a student of the game, which attribute is MOST important in an elite level fighter? Please vote.
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    Brain, Chin, Heart. The three most essential qualities for a true elite fighter, according to one of the very best, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thought I'd take a look at todays top ranked fighters and how many of these three vital components it could be said they posess in their respective arsenals...
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    Following on from the who hit harder Holyfield/Ali thread, I thought this might make an interesting if lightweight debate. Both men, IMO, have an undeserved reputation for not being able to take a shot, and while the obvious answer would be to go with Lennox as the less sturdy of the two, it's...
1-4 of 4 Results