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    (Freshly ripped from ESB, I'll do a CHB exclusive when I get back from holiday) Round 1: Barrera 10-9 Morales Round 2: Barrera 10-9 Morales Round 3: Barrera 10-9 Morales Round 4: Barrera 9-10 Morales Round 5: Barrera 9-10 Morales Round 6: Barrera 9-10 Morales Round 7: Barrera 9-10 Morales Round...
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    After being here a few days I thought it was time I made some sort of substantial boxing post...naturally I have done quite the opposite and ripped out an old thread from ESB General I made. I do this because I know a number of you who live in the Brit forum and Lounge wouldn't have seen this...
1-2 of 2 Results