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  1. Lounge How the mighty have fallen... Tiger Woods arrested on DUI charges in Florida Former world No1 taken into custody on Monday morning Forty-one year-old has not competed since February due to injury problems...
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    "British Schoolgirls" flee to join ISIS Three more teen whores bail out of the UK to join ISIS. I guess the three ugly bitches flew to Turkey on the first leg of their journey to become camp whores for the goatfuckers in ISIS. What the fuck is wrong with these bitches? We had some from the...
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    Didn't see a thread about this one so... Anyway, Kanye the cunt West did it again, jumped up on stage to defend his mate Jay-Z burds' honour from ****** because those cracker cunts are at it again, giving them corny ******* awards again over the Nubian Princess Beyonce. The Racist Bastards. I...
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    ..a woman with two clean vaginas? Or a woman with three smelly vaginas?
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    It's just come to light that not only does he act cunt, he truly is a cunt, so fuck him, and the horse he rode in on!
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    Should our resident smug cunt CHACAL be renamed CHACUNT??? As this simple question is posed in the title, basically I ask if we can have a communal vote on this very important issue... :yep I feel that @Chacal is such a smug cunt & a mean-spirited e-bully of the weak, he absolutely should be...
1-7 of 7 Results