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    This has really boiled my piss: "A woman fighting to stop doctors ending life support treatment for her sick 11-month-old son has told a judge that God should decide when he dies. Specialists at King's College Hospital said giving further...
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    I'm trying to install a sink in my master bathroom. The metal drain pipe is corroded and broken. The problem is, some cunt soldered the fucking thing to a copper extension coming from out of the wall. How do I remove the old drain pipe?
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    Yea, you wont hear that from me often. But rather them than the cheating cunts from Portugal in the world cup. :yep
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    Just putting the feelers out for the time being fellas, try & get a little idea of who might be interested. If you hadn't already gathered, the Liverpool meet was fucking excellent. This next one could top the lot though... Right now I'm thinking 3 nights starting on Thurs 26th June 2014...
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    What do you notice about people or their belongings that tip you off to their Rumsfeldesque sack of shitness? For me, it's unfunny bumper stickers and decals. My fellow Americans, you know what I'm talking about. You're driving down the road when you see a car with multiple bumper stickers with...
1-6 of 6 Results