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    Bradley now a days finalizing his plan to beat Pacquiao second time. What's your views on the story below???? http://
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    What's your views about Joshua comments on his upcoming fight with Martin?
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    Whats your views about this????
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    I've read many of precious views that been discussed on this forum about this particular fight. But from the time I've been reading out the news about the fight between Amir & Canelo being confirmed on May 7th, I'm thinking about the advantages of Amir Khan which he have over Canelo. Especially...
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    Chisora looking very keen & serious about the European Heavyweight Title. While warning Joshua when he talk to sky sports that Joshua had still to learn more. This statement is going fantastic among fans. For more...
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    Its time to think dudes because many of us was predicting upcoming fights for Joshua. But it was actually David Haye who declares a fight against his rival Joshua by giving this statement "If I was to fight him, I'm sure there are people who would think that AJ would beat me and I love the...
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    The statement is some old before the match between Joshua & Whyte. But still it has some worth! As Joshua said in a statement that he wants to do correct his wrongs which happens 6 years back in 2009 when Whyte beat him in his amateur career. Interesting thing which i found in Joshua statements...
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    Some very entertaining fights in the last couple weeks. Rex Tso vs Michael Enriquez, Chris Arreola vs Curtis Harper, etc... What are the frontrunners for fight of the year?
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    Ok, first a bit about me...was not a naturally "tough" kid as a child....but always liked boxing. Got into working out when I was about 16, started boxing when I was 18. Won my first few fights, than lost some, won some, so on...never even made it to having 10 fights (open class). My best...
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    Here ya go fellas, I made sure not to make the background music drown out the sound of the punches and ring atmos. IMO The last great Heavyweight fight. Nothing like this since. :-(
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    Hi lads, As far as Prizefighter goes, this is a pretty good one. I think we'd all prefer some 'proper' boxing on the weekend, but take it for what it is. Who will win? My money is on Dirty Derry.
1-11 of 11 Results