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    Been getting off my [email protected] lazy backside, and despite the corona belly, I decided to try to getting back to the sport I love, which is boxing... If you have any feedback / improvements I can make, please let me know!
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    Does Ryan Garcia have a chance against Lomachenko, Haney, Gervonta?
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    The "fight" stats! This is looking promising! ? Who ya'll got for this "fight"?!
  4. Boxing Forum
    Conor McGregor actually said he he could win the this point, I don't even think Conor McGregor believes what is coming out of his OWN mouth...
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    Ron Brashear tells BaylorIC TV of an amazing story that involves "The Greatest Of All Time" Muhammad Ali & "The Best Ever" Floyd "Money" Mayweather that happened in 2004 when Roy Jones Junior met Antonio Tarver in a rematch
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    Not PPV buys, hype, promos, etc. You know wtf this is. Who you got? Who's the better fighter?
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    Keith Thurman returns to BaylorIC TV for a 3rd Time to discuss his victory over chaves in this in-depth interview.
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    (Poll, Buildup, Breakdowns and Predictions) :party :happy
1-11 of 11 Results