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    Geldof will be out to do a concert soon. Millions starving in the streets or having to go to dirty chicken shops.
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    Every time I see that other thread I mis read it. So here goes unusual urinals instead.
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    Not sure where this will end. Wonder if the whales will ever ask just why we decided to call the 'killer', seems a pretty cunt move to me? And if their is a good reason we called them 'killer' then maybe this is the type of guys you should be teaching language to...
  4. Lounge ...........In mitigation, his defence barrister said Bowen should not be jailed because he has learning difficulties...... Could have guessed it would be dopey.
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    Thread to post, view and talk about upcoming films by taking a look at the new trailers for films and TV stuff. Not sure if we had a movie or TV show thread that wasn't meant to be about films or shows you have just seen. Post up the trailers you seen that are interesting or whatever. First up...
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    Aparently these storms are big news and one is heading for the UK. Can we put up a better effort than the yanks? Or will we act like a bunch of fairies too? We shall see what difference building houses out of brick makes compared to match sticks and up on hills rather than under water. So get...
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    How involved in this do you actually think he was? Never quite know what the deal is with celebrities and this type of thing, do they do any of the work or are they just a name for recognition and funding...
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    Looks like a Johnstown avatar too.
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    Is this the real life?
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    The Jumanji reboot is actually going to be a sequel. The film will star Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart and Jack Black. The cast look quite cool here. The movie is meant to center around four in detention school kids who get drawn into the game and become represented by the four main...
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    Anyone watching this? I've seen quite a bit so far. The Brits are doing great. A fair few of the events look impressive while a few look scary. Also do you think the Paralympians are fucking each other in the Olympic village as much as the Olympians were?
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    I've always had really mad dreams when I sleep. I imagine everyone does. Pretty sure theories exist about the significance of dreams and stuff. So what mad or ordinary dreams have you had and have you ever had dreams that give you a eureka moment but then forget everything about them when you...
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    I'm in my early 30's now and to my knowledge I've never had laxatives. Any tips? I do feel a little bit more congested these days. I should really change my diet a little, drink more water and less caffeine drinks, but it does seem a good opportunity to try a bunch of laxatives. This ain't no...
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    Currently working on what could be described as CHB 2.0 This will hopefully be a massive step forward in terms of user interface, speed, appearance, quality and just about everything. This won't be immediate, could be a couple months at least as to do it right means it's a big project. What I...
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    Love GOT. The show has some great characters and top quality acting to portray them but the show also has a few shit characters. My top 5 shit characters. 1. Samwell Tarly. A shit dim character that that is excruciating to watch. The fat boy voice kills me. Boring story and helped keep the...
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    Apparently not according to some Muslims.
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    Thoughts on the film? Just about to watch this film with the kids. I can remember watching it at around the age my sons are now so should be OK. Parental guide looks a bit dodgy to watch with kids but we've seen some great stuff so hopefully fits the bracket allowing any profanity, sexiness or...
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    Edit. Brilliant people, blame the rich blah blah.
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    So I cut myself (lower back) last night and I can't stop the bleeding. At first it was like the chest buster scene from Alien but now it is like just flowing gently. I bandaged it up and got tight pressure on it which does the job but straight away I remove the pressure I pump blood out...
1-19 of 27 Results