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    For the second fight now Gealesy has No Mas quit after being able to get up, seemingly unhurt and able to continue. Where does he go from here? To quit on the big stage twice now, does he have another title run in him?
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    over at the scene. Reportedly, the whole card did an average of 758,000. The article didn't give any number for the Golovkin-Geale average but I did some quick math and it'd be about 914,000. Basically, any card doing below 1mil average is poor for HBO. It's also poor for Golovkin, since it's...
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    Apart from the mad scoring, I thought the right man got the decision... Was hoping Sturm would win though and get A Murray fight back on, least the belts outta Germany now, so maybe Geale v Murray in England would Be wicked...
1-3 of 3 Results