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gerrard is a cunt
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    Love GOT. The show has some great characters and top quality acting to portray them but the show also has a few shit characters. My top 5 shit characters. 1. Samwell Tarly. A shit dim character that that is excruciating to watch. The fat boy voice kills me. Boring story and helped keep the...
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    Edit. Brilliant people, blame the rich blah blah.
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    So I cut myself (lower back) last night and I can't stop the bleeding. At first it was like the chest buster scene from Alien but now it is like just flowing gently. I bandaged it up and got tight pressure on it which does the job but straight away I remove the pressure I pump blood out...
  4. Lounge The Nile Ranger story continues...
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    I like to go to training clean of mind and bowel so have a good poo and an extensive wank before I venture to the gym. The poo helps me feel a few lbs lighter and I focus on my strengths and weakness and what I want to achieve in the next training session while the wank aids my ability to...
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    The English FA recently decided to break tradition and move from kit makers Umbro to Nike thus creating the need to design a new set of football kits for Welbeck, Carrick, Carroll and the rest to play in. I imagine the new kits will be on worn during the games against South Ireland and Brazil...
1-7 of 9 Results