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    C'mon lads, we all do it. The acoustics are great and there aint nothing better than a good ole fashioned show tune whilst soaping your gonads (No ****) after a hard days work. Dont believe me? Give it a go It's a cathartic experiance for anyone who hasnt experianced the joy of a good ole...
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    Some mid day mma to prepare us for some late night mma tonight. Am i the only one watching the stale fight between these two women Dudieva and Phillips?
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    So am i the only one watching right now? Roop vs Kimura just about to start
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    In light of Hendo v Shogun 2, been thinking some of the old timers fights have been bloody brilliant. So I'll start this of with a repost from the youtube sticky So, what are your favourite fights with two guys who are past their prime, but still have something to prove. Prime example...
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    Jab, right kick, take down...that is all this fella has predictable... Discuss...
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    So Eric Silva if fighting tonight..enough said What say you CHB...
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    Here is the way I see it Helio - His contribution to the techniques still applicable today obviously go with out saying. He laid the foundations for BJJ becoming an essential part of Mixed Martial Arts with the Gracie challenge, and it is reasonable to say if there was no Helio (honorable...
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    Who you got gents? Nogueira, Hendo, Diego? Who had the best chin in their prime?
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    :beer Umm...when does it start?
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    Can anyone top these BJ Penn Hendo Big Nog Anytime these guys walk out to the aforementioned tunes I get goosebumps. Anyone get this with another fighter/song combination?
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    When you thought the fight was lost, which comeback is your favorite? I'll start with Smith v anybody...ok Cung... C'mon gents, lets get this forum busy
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    Anyone watching tonight?
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    Bump! Probably the worst card so far...
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    It has to be Helio Gracie, right? Rickson gave birth to MMA in Japan, Royce/Rorion gave birth to the UFC... Anyone got any better answers... Is it some one like Frank Shamrock, the 1st complete MMA fighter. Or someone like Anderson, who took striking to the next level. Or Someone like GSP....
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    Simple question. Who do you look forward to watching, or who do you rewatch with the most joy So , name um... Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Carlos Condit Kazushi Sakuraba Chris Lytle Fedor Emelianenko
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    Been live for about 30 min now Prelims can be found on youtube
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    Personally I think Don Frye ( @Vic ) has the strongest claim for this due to the punishment he was able to take. Anyone who has seen the 15 minute beatdown by Coleman when Big John asks Don can he continue and Don replies with ''Im fine'' would surely agree... Anyway...there is no right or...
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    @Rob Floyd
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    Work in Progress, please dont post videos yet, trying to get them all in order Thanks x
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    Whos watching...Im out of poor joke about WMMA...
1-20 of 24 Results