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    Well, seemed like GGG gave a good pounding to the youngster only to lose a scandalous decision.
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    Telecast starting now....
  3. Boxing Forum Gennady Golovkin (37-0-1, 33 KOs) may have a problem if he intends to fight Canelo Alvarez in the fall - because the International Boxing Federation has ordered him to make a mandatory defense against Sergiy...
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    Triple G's KO power Sport Science explores how Gennady Golovkin's punishing power punches originate from his hips Dont know how to embed that video, here is the link.
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    I'm opening another thread on this topic because our original one was closed by our supreme leader Kim Jong-Bogo. We're nearing fight night and we all need something to bump after GGG decapitates Danny Jacobs. See original thread here...
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    Whose is the best in your view both in the terms of technical skills & from fan following vise? I'm personally really impressed by Sugar Leonard who is five times champion in different middle-weight classes! What's your choice?
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    Sorted. Should be no real barriers to making this fight now right? Let's get it on!!
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    While reading a news about GGG in which he had mention that he doesn't like the Maywaether style but still he said that no one beats him. So what are the possible reasons of GGG not giving full regards to Mayweather???
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    I see there's already a lot of disagreement over the scoring, and even the winner, of last night's fight, so moving on from that; how do you see Alvarez-Golovkin playing out, taking their most recent performances into account? Do you think Canelo will stick to his diva guns and continue Cotto's...
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    Surely if they miss out on either of these its time for Franky to give up the ghost.
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    Andre Ward has gone from the threshold of becoming America's next boxing superstar to being removed from the rankings - if not boxing fan's consciousness - altogether. Meanwhile Carl Froch (the man Ward dominated to win the Super Six) has taken risks, reestablished himself and built his brand...
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    I think Ward definitely beats him. Andre Dirrell stands a good chance if he builds up a good momentum again. Froch Vs. GGG is a 50/50. I think he beats everyone else. What do you all think? How well do you think GGG's power carries up to SMW and what do you think of the list in general? I was...
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    My videos from "Mexican Style" fight week and fight night: Workout vids: Weigh in: Fight Night highlights: Overall it was a GREAT atmosphere; no doubt Golovkin is a star in Los Angeles. Should a GGG-Chavez bout happen next year, it would easily sell out the Staples Center. For...
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    over at the scene. Reportedly, the whole card did an average of 758,000. The article didn't give any number for the Golovkin-Geale average but I did some quick math and it'd be about 914,000. Basically, any card doing below 1mil average is poor for HBO. It's also poor for Golovkin, since it's...
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    Good fight last night, really good. Just wanted to point out a few things from last night while I still have them fresh in memory. -Stevens is more durable than I thought he would be. Golovkin was punishing him all night but I had no problem if he quit(I know, he didn't). That eye was really...
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    Once upon a time in Kazakstan With Alvarez With Ward
1-18 of 19 Results