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    Does anyone else think EH is wrong to offer 50/50 for AJ versus Wilder/Fury? AJ has 3/4 of the belts and by far the better resume (ok he has one loss but he has actually fought decent opponents unlike DW and TF who only fight gimmies). AJ is still bringing the bulk of the fans and the proven...
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    I think I missed this when Brook had his last fight, as I don't think they showed the shit in the US. Kell Brook: Spence: Hearn:
  3. Boxing Forum Summary talks about warrens new deal, fighters leaving, signing new fighters, monte carlo fight and future fights
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    Noticed he's on the Joshua Vs ????????? Undercard. First fight back in the ring since he was beaten by Frampton. Who is this likely to be? An easy fight to ease himself back in or a tough fight to try and get another shot at a world title?
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    Eddie Hearn ‏@EddieHearn 5 hours ago Another Brit challenging for a World title..announcing Monday!
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    Over at the scene. Hearn said a sit down with Arum is set for next Tuesday to talk about the possibility. Really hope this fight gets made. Guaranteed action-packed fight.
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    :lol: That can not end well! Doubt he'll bring many anyway.
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    Eddie Hearn ‏@EddieHearn "@hitman157: @TonyBellew @EddieHearn bellew v Dawson #justputingitoutthere" on it :hmm Though Dawson's set to fight Pascal in March. Think this is a possibility for next Summer maybe?
1-10 of 10 Results