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    Man I just finished that what a great fight! Both guys have been growing on me lately. Holmes started off the gate on the backfoot using his jab to control distance. Weaver would use a cross guard(?) to deflect most of them early and worked hooks(mainly left hook) to the body when they got...
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    Exclusive interview with BRYANT "BY-BY" JENNINGS as he talks with BaylorIC TV's Ingram Jones as they talk Klitschko, RocNation, Training Camp and a host of other topics live in Philly.
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    Interview was conducted in the early hours of Friday morning before Wilder weighed in to face Audley Harrison
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    I'm looking forward to this. For all the pros and cons of the tournament and the participants it always entertains me. Sosnowski, Meehan, Johnson and Dallas have already been confirmed. Anyone else looking forward to this? Or not?
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    It would be good to get some CHB all time rankings by division. I thought I'd start with heavyweights as EVERYONE has a heavyweights list. Put your top ten and I'll add it all up in a months time for the official CHB list. (hopefully more peeps will be here to vote within the next month)
1-8 of 8 Results