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    Which are the worst decision in boxing history? I'm starting with these 1) Joel Casamayor vs Jose Armando Santa Cruz ( 114-113 for Casamayor was a disaster for Cruz by the judges, as Cruz actual punches were 246-129) 2) Floyd Mayweather vs Jose Luis Castillo ( Floyd surprisingly get 116-111...
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    I know he was big for his own time, even though a handful of fighters towered over him and were far heavier, but how big would he be in, say, feudal Japan? That time period, its training methods, nutrition, technology, etc. I don't just mean if we transplanted Louis into that setting as an...
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    MUHAMMED ALI AND ALI MUHAMMED Part 1: Last night I watched Ali,1 a 2006 biographical drama starring Will Smith as the legendary boxer and American icon Muhammad Ali. The film begins when Ali was known as Cassius Clay, winner of an Olympic gold medal. Cassius Clay grew-up in America`s South...
1-3 of 4 Results