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    I am willing to travel within reason. But money must be put up by both sides to ensure that both sides show. Jay could do a pay per view live stream of the even. I would love to man handle sissy boys like bj_boxer or mexi_tosser. But any of yall hard bastards will do. Lets make it happen...
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    Suck it up bitches. .. Johnstown is back with a vengeance. Update....the right to bare arms is defended by a big pair of guns.
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    Hello, well just to be upfront, this is Johnstown... and I would like to come back, but I want to be upfront and honest about it. So I would like to be allowed back in, hopefully under my Johnstown Name Thank You and God (or the magic sky genie) bless Jay and Checkhookboxing Sincerely...
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    He will be given free reign to do as he likes. Johnstown, I am sorry for doubting you. :deal
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    Ok, first a bit about me...was not a naturally "tough" kid as a child....but always liked boxing. Got into working out when I was about 16, started boxing when I was 18. Won my first few fights, than lost some, won some, so on...never even made it to having 10 fights (open class). My best...
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    :happy:ibutt JOHNSTOWN IS HERE!!!!!!!
1-7 of 7 Results