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  1. Boxing Forum You'll be missed, brought very entertaining fights. Enjoy your money and spot in history.
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    What an effin surprise, now the fans have all arrived in Manchester and unlikely to ask for their money back the replacement fight is now off too FFS! Smacks of bull***t to me. Was Fury ever gonna fight Ustinov? Who knows. We'll have to reserve judgement till there's more details on the health...
  3. Boxing Forum
    Yes I have shitted on this fight I admit that but heard it was a war so props to both. Now I haent seen it yet but props to both if a rematch happens fine. I dont wanna here "If Floyd woulda, coulda," "If he was younger...." what happened, happened. Still Floyd is a PFP 1 or 2 top fighter no...
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    No it didn't come from Oscar De La Hoya either I have video proof. If you notice Maidana is spending a lot of time diligently practicing his marksmanship at the shooting range. Best plan to defeat Mayweather yet...:rofl:rofl:rofl LOL sorry couldn't help it, I will be pulling for chino on may...
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    Was sure he was gonna take that but glad he didn't. Maidana is more of a threat now and Khan's tears taste oh so good. Not a "mega fight" or hard fight for Floyd at all(will take a picture from the fight and use it 1 month if oppositie) but Maidana will try a fuckload harder than Floyds last two...
1-5 of 5 Results