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    "After beating Andre Berto earlier this year, Mayweather, who held both of the belts, decided to retire from the sport. Much speculation has raged about which boxers will get the opportunity to challenge for the vacant straps, but speaking at the WBC’s 53rd convention, president Mauricio...
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    "The WBC has officially announced that Floyd Mayweather has been named its 'Emeritus Champion,'...This move officially vacates both the 147 and 154lb titles that Mayweather has been holding, with the caveat that if he decides to fight again he can immediately challenge for both belts...Sulaiman...
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    Period. End of. I dont like the dude but you gotta admit this after last night. Didnt see the fight yet but laugh at people that are so salty that Floyd won and how Floyd won like, every fight he fought post-140 basically? Stands and fights like he did Maidana 1, Mosley & Cotto he has no legs...
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    Just wondering how many of you guys are also flying over to Vegas for this one and what your plans are. Currently having trouble getting some closed circuit television tickets for this, would appreciate it if anybody could help me out.
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    As a kid we didn't have Sky, so growing up in the late 90s/early 00s there wasn't a massive amount of boxing on terrestrial TV. The first fight I remember staying up late to watch was the Lewis loss to Rahman on the BBC. I definitely remember watching a replay of Lewis-Tyson on the BBC. I...
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    shoutout to @tliang1000's odds thread gave me the idea VOTE BEFORE READING BELOW To set a good baseline for our own personal betting, I'm curious what everyone thinks the actual odds are of each fighter winning? I'll set up a poll. Based on our thread compiling trainer opinions, their...
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    What an effin surprise, now the fans have all arrived in Manchester and unlikely to ask for their money back the replacement fight is now off too FFS! Smacks of bull***t to me. Was Fury ever gonna fight Ustinov? Who knows. We'll have to reserve judgement till there's more details on the health...
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    In the aftermath of the big fight I thought it might be apposite to talk about what I feel is Maidana's most overlooked and underrated attribute, and a key factor, if not the key factor, in his doing so well against Mayweather: his ring iq. Now no one's ever going to call Maidana an educated...
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    No it didn't come from Oscar De La Hoya either I have video proof. If you notice Maidana is spending a lot of time diligently practicing his marksmanship at the shooting range. Best plan to defeat Mayweather yet...:rofl:rofl:rofl LOL sorry couldn't help it, I will be pulling for chino on may...
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    Was sure he was gonna take that but glad he didn't. Maidana is more of a threat now and Khan's tears taste oh so good. Not a "mega fight" or hard fight for Floyd at all(will take a picture from the fight and use it 1 month if oppositie) but Maidana will try a fuckload harder than Floyds last two...
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    This 6 minute video (just posted) says it all: If I'm team Cotto I'm calling out Sergio Martinez to fight next year on the eve of the Puerto Rican parade in NYC. :bbb
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    Says Cotto gave Floyd a good fight in spots. Says he thought Oscar beat Floyd, but that Castillo fought Mayweather well but didn't win. A little cooky, but I think we can mark it down as him showing gratitude & appreciation for his boss. Saul is such a tank physically. He proved to have been...
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    Ana Julaton, 3 time female boxing world champion took time out of her training to talk with BaylorIC TV and listen to Ana speak frankly and openly like never before!! Its a 3 part video interview.. enjoy!! Ana is scheduled to fight on the undercard of Mayweather Vs Canelo. Click on the links...
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    Saw this yesterday. Really nice promo. Not playable on mobile devices unfortunately (why do people do that?). Can't wait for this. Going to be the biggest night of boxing for such a long time!
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    his fucking shoulder is like this:
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    Some of you may not think he was ever prime at 147 but whatever, you know what I mean. Break down the style then pick one fighter from history who best fits the mold.
1-18 of 23 Results