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    Hey guys, we worked hard on this tribute for Muhammed Ali, let us know if you enjoyed it.
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    fantasy fight, who would have won & why?
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    Hey guys, We're a boxing podcast, we've been running for almost a year. We recently interviewed Lennox Lewis in Las Vegas a day after the Wilder vs Ortiz 2 fight. Talking points: The VITALI KLITSCHKO fight and backlash The relationship with ANTHONY JOSHUA - Jealous? AJ's cultural identity...
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    Hi. If there was a match between these two boxers then what do you think which point will be a match turning for both of them. Here are the options 1) M.Ali Rope a Dope Technique from starting rounds. 2) Mike Tyson Swinging Head for deceiving punches. 3) M Ali splendid recovery skill after...
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    Fill me in. Was not alive back when he was fighting but I been seeing him on HBO n all his crazy stories! People seem like they all remember him really well so I figure he must have been exciting like Micky Ward or something. Somebody on the internet even made a flash game starring him as a...
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    According to recent reports the former heavyweight champion of the world made a visit to Portland Oregon last week to meet with executives from the Jordan Brand. Over the last several years the premier Jordan Brand has been working hard at gaining market share within the boxing apparel and gear...
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    On October 17th, 2013 Mike Tyson was in Portland Oregon apparently visiting the Nike World Headquarters meeting with Jordan Brand President Larry Miller as well as other top executives. Exact details on this meeting aren't clear, however its no secret that the Jordan Brand has signed other...
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    Over the last several days reports of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and Jordan Brand executives meeting have surfaced. The exact details of this meeting have not been published but inside reports have hinted that the two are in talks of a potential deal for Mike Tyson to promote the...
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    An inspirational story from a man who does many articles on the well known and respect boxingforum DogHouseBoxing. Mike Tyson Fans should find this interview interesting and also a great listen for anyone considering a career in being a writer for a boxing forum.
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    Took Me by suprise! Havnt tried it yet, but had to get one out of princple... Red Bull gives you wings, hopefully this will gimme A better left hook :bbb
1-10 of 11 Results