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    Hey guys, We're a boxing podcast, we've been running for almost a year. We recently interviewed Lennox Lewis in Las Vegas a day after the Wilder vs Ortiz 2 fight. Talking points: The VITALI KLITSCHKO fight and backlash The relationship with ANTHONY JOSHUA - Jealous? AJ's cultural identity...
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    Ron Brashear tells BaylorIC TV of an amazing story that involves "The Greatest Of All Time" Muhammad Ali & "The Best Ever" Floyd "Money" Mayweather that happened in 2004 when Roy Jones Junior met Antonio Tarver in a rematch
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    In an exclusive interview with Ron Brashear, the co-author of Rahman Ali Book , (The Brother of the former world heavyweight champion and known to the boxing world as "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali) talks about the relationship in the Ali Household, The Impact of Ali's Muslim Faith, the media...
1-3 of 3 Results