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    I think Bivol will KO Cleverly quite quickly. I would be very surprised if Cleverly's camp would be looking at this.. Cleverly vs. Bivol To Be Discussed Next Week With The WBA Updated at 01:50 AM EDT, Sun Apr 16, 2017 According to Vadmin Kornilov, manager of WBA interim-light heavyweight...
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    Any of you guys booked up and going? Either on one of the Clev buses or on your own coal? I could have covered the fight from ringside, but as I'm on a bus full of people getting drunk - its best to join in. Got another writer covering it at ringside. I interviewed Krasniqi and studied up on...
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    Hello, Anyone have any information about what's happening with this chap? I'm assuming his viral infection has cleared up and he's back in the gym. Will the highly anticipated fight with 'Sugar' Robin Krasniqi be rescheduled or does Nathan have bigger fish to fry, and if so, when is he going...
1-4 of 4 Results