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    Vote now! This poll will be public. I know this is a hot topic amidst today's youth and in my home town it's been brought to my attention that many fights have been taking place over play-lunch over just this disargument. My youngest wife's grand nephew says he has gone to many place where he...
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    Now that he's well past his prime and not expected, let alone obligated, to do much after this, especially considering the kind of alcohol habits that took the great John L. away from us when he should've dealt Mr. Nancy Corbett a beating. Looking back, I quite liked this: For not only was he...
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    Please tell me what I should do with my day @nufc_jay @Jay @AnthonyW @Boxed Ears Bit of a joke really as I have been worked from home all week already. And I haven't even been working much. I've spent the morning on the floor underneath my quilt eating fries to go. But, the thought of even...
1-3 of 3 Results