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    So after seen the fight of provodnikov i wanted to find more about Algieri and i couldnt find any proper highlights of it, I spent all night collecting and watching all his fights and made some proper highlights! To be honest, with provodnikov he was on his worst... Hope you like it!!
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    Someone pointed out that Algieri's style is Bernard Hopkinsesque minus the holding. His defensive movements and transitions from defense to offense is the same concept. This can be clearly seen in Algieri vs Taylor in that very first rd. His constant feinting and coming in with the shoulder and...
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    Most of you who are honest, Im sure you can see that Algieri has a good shot at beating Pacquiao. The guy is much taller, much longer, uses his range, fighting tall and knows how to control distance, especially with that beautiful long varied jab. he doesnt just control distance with the jab...
1-3 of 3 Results