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    Freddie Roach had an excellent vantage point as Terence Crawford easily out-pointed his man Viktor Postol this past weekend to unify the WBC and WBO junior welterweight belts. There is now talk of matching Crawford with Manny Pacquiao, who is scheduled to resume his career on November 5th...
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    Period. End of. I dont like the dude but you gotta admit this after last night. Didnt see the fight yet but laugh at people that are so salty that Floyd won and how Floyd won like, every fight he fought post-140 basically? Stands and fights like he did Maidana 1, Mosley & Cotto he has no legs...
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    Just wondering how many of you guys are also flying over to Vegas for this one and what your plans are. Currently having trouble getting some closed circuit television tickets for this, would appreciate it if anybody could help me out.
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    shoutout to @tliang1000's odds thread gave me the idea VOTE BEFORE READING BELOW To set a good baseline for our own personal betting, I'm curious what everyone thinks the actual odds are of each fighter winning? I'll set up a poll. Based on our thread compiling trainer opinions, their...
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    Man I was disappointed with Algieiri's performance. Terrible gameplan. Two good things I though Algieri had going for him was his reach advantage and excellent stamina. I figured the strategy would be to keep it long at all cost and keep a very fast pace to try to steal the early rounds, then...
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    So after seen the fight of provodnikov i wanted to find more about Algieri and i couldnt find any proper highlights of it, I spent all night collecting and watching all his fights and made some proper highlights! To be honest, with provodnikov he was on his worst... Hope you like it!!
  7. Boxing Forum @bballchump11 "MANILA, Philippines - Several years back, when Manny Pacquiao was picking off Top Rank’s welterweight stable one-by-one, Mike Jones was one of the names being tossed...
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    I copied and pasted every word from Source: "[The issues between us] really comes from everybody around him waiting on the next time he feels generous. And I have a lot [of...
1-8 of 9 Results