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  1. Boxing Forum the name of a video to view over the festive period. I'll start you off -
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    Share your thoughts on said fight. Articles, opinions, pictures, anything. I'll post the video and get the ball rolling, you wonderful lot contribute... Happy Birthday for the 7th May...
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    I'm told by a few folk that Yunieska Gonzalez is an exciting fighter to watch. What do you think, CHB? And which fights of his should I be having a look at? Any recommendations and information will be greatly appreciated.
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    ...and post videos if possible - if not, your words will be fine... I'll start you off, though the videos will have to follow soon (I'm at work)... Roman Gonzalez - Carlos Cuadras Carl Frampton - Leo Santa Cruz ...let's have your suggestions, please. No MMA, thank you.
1-4 of 7 Results