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  1. Boxing Forum This idiot is eating them like candy,,,,
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    Former world heavyweight champion Lucas Browne returns to action on June 2 at Club Punchbowl in Sydney, New South Wales Vs Matthew Greer. "I'm back, I'm pissed off and I'm bashing everyone. I'm ready to take back what's mine!" - WBN.
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    Afternoon lads, This thread may have been created in my absence and if so apologies. I'd like to open up the discussion on doping in our sport. Of course it is an extremely touchy subject but also one shrouded in mystery, ignorance and speculation. We know so little about it yet our sport...
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    Positive for Amphetamines. Dropped from Kovalev undercard this weekend, as well as his dad's undercard with Mayorga. Not long after this was posted the Mosley camp provided Boxing Scene with a copy of his...
1-4 of 4 Results