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    A new promotional outfit based in Barcelona, Spain have announced that they have signed Yuriorkis Gamboa (25-1, 17 KOs) to a promotional contract for the next few years. In a press release, BB Promotions quoted Gamboa as saying: “I want to thank BB Promotions for making this new phase of...
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    :think You have your oligopoly companies like GB and TR in the US, Matchroom in the UK, Teiken in Japan, etc... Mostly thinking about US companies I guess but any thoughts on companies worldwide are welcome.
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    It seems to be the one bit of information about a boxer that I struggle to find out sometimes. I'm slowly learning over time who promotes who but it would be useful if a site like boxrec (or a similar site) had a column for 'currently promoted by'. Anyone know of a resource like this? Thanks...
1-3 of 3 Results