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    I was listening to an interview on Buncey's Boxing Podcast with this guy, Dillian Whyte, who I'd never heard of before. Whyte is 9-0 as a pro and in a 2009 amateur bout he knocked down and beat future Olympic gold medalist Anthony Joshua on points (for KD watch from 02:55). In 2012 Whyte was...
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    A thread to show the talent that barely gets any media attention. Who does the boxing world need to know about? :bbb
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    Just something fun to pass some time. Which up-and-coming fighters do think think will not just make it to the top of the sport, but earn a place in the Hall of Fame and the ATG lists? Pick the 5 fighters you'd bet on if you had to. Prospects only, or guys that haven't yet challenged for a...
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    Dunno how I missed his fights, dude looks like Hes A serious prospect, anyone else seen him before? Any opinions or observations? Seems very heavy handed and quick and although He looks like Hes A real banger, like the fact He keeps his guard up, therefore not being to reckless like alot of...
1-4 of 4 Results