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    I don't get the hate for this fight Chisora would have streamrolled Kownacki then called for a big fight (which could of been this anyway) so at least hes skipping the easy fight and going straight into a hard fight If Pulev had a proper camp and rest I would pick him wide UD but Pulev's last...
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    Interested to hear what peoples thoughts are on the likelihood of any of the major fights in 2020 going ahead? Whyte v Povetkin Usyk v Chisora Joshua v Pulev Fury v Wilder III All are mean't to happen before mid July. I would put money on none of these occurring. I think there will be no...
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    I personally felt he did way better than anyone since Tony Thomps 1, despite the early exit. He did what I've been longing for most of Wlad's opponents to do, just come forward and go for broke. After all, what's the point in hanging back and ending up either getting ground down late or losing...
1-3 of 3 Results