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    I was wondering whether people thing Kovalev should hang up his gloves? My opinion is yes, he lost to Canelo despite a reasonably good performance but he doesn't have the magic anymore. Yarde very nearly KO'd in R8 and I can't see him winning another World title unless Canelo vacates and he...
  2. Boxing Forum Chemito hangs them up after his 3rd round KO loss, where he stayed down after an uppercut and later told media members his vision was affected. You had a good run Chemito! Enjoy retirement.
  3. Boxing Forum You'll be missed, brought very entertaining fights. Enjoy your money and spot in history.
  4. Boxing Forum Sergio Martinez 51-3-2(28) officially announced it at the Hall of Fame ceremony. He is one of the classiest champions we've seen. In his last fight, he was clearly deteriorated physically and battling severe knee...
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    First, I'm not Bailey. This isn't a thread to debate a childish nationalistic argument. Joe Calzaghe's era as the world's premier 168lb Champion has caused a vivid debate amongst fans for years now, with some seeing him as the greatest Super Middleweight of all time, and others, as a protected...
1-5 of 5 Results