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    Apparently this is for the Interim WBA Light Heavyweight Title Fight just underway....
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    Time flies back quick. Broner is back this Saturday on Showtime looking to get his 4th title in his 4th weight class. He's declined to do any interviews this camp and seems very focused right now
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    Showtime 3 Title fights! Porter vs Brook Jorge Linares wins by 2nd round KO over Ira Terry. Wilder coming up...
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    Over at the Scene. Espinoza saying SHO won't release PPV numbers anymore. I agree with the point that the figures shouldn't overshadow the actual fight. But SHO is only looking out for themselves. This is just to keep any poor PPV performance under wraps. All this does is prevent fans from...
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    Browsing on Shaun Porter twitter account no mention to his (purposed) fight in July. Fast car said in a IFilm interview its highly unlikely the fight is going to be on the Lara/ Alvarez under-card. In my opinion I doubt Porter will come to Sheffield. Showtimes forthcoming Shedule Friday May...
1-5 of 5 Results