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    Okay... I have been working on a project at work to create some training documents for the last few months. Today was my deadline to get them done and I've finished with an hour and a half spare :lol: I have to write up a report about how I managed my time (No CHB) and all that sheeeeeeet and...
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    I asked the same question elsewhere but they have no interest in great match making like this! SCUM!!! :ibutt Who you got? Clubber Lang (36-1-0 36 KOs) Vs Yuriorkis Gamboa 22-0-0 (16 KOs). Vs. Lynchburg
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    This should be a barn burner... :lol: I see Big Sexy taking him down and subbing him within 5 minutes... unless he's being paid a large some of money to not do that (No Bob Sapp). Melvin Manhoef Vs Mamed Khalidov and Kendall Grove vs Michal Materla are other fights on the card. Lynchburg
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    :ibutt I can see McGregor demolishing Andy in this one. Andy is no mug but I think the way Conor is at the moment this will end fast... So Andy has dropped out and Max Holloway is in... I can see Max getting destroyed! Lynchburg
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    :lol: Herman just loves to face Brazilians at the moment. Did he learn nothing from last time? :lol: Lynchburg
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    I think it would be a good idea, theres got to be a good few MMA fans on the site already, most boxing sites have small sub forum dedicated to it.
1-6 of 6 Results